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Project reports

Noise reduction concept for exhaust device Niederauer Mühle:

The new paper machine (PM3) of „Niederauer Mühle“factory runs in three shift operation. Contrast Akustik Ltd., Düren, gets the order to create and design a sound reducing concept which contains 10 exhaust blowers and necessary cabins.

Due to the exposed situation of the paper factory, nearby to the small city Kreuzau, high acoustic requirement of minus 40dB noise power level had to be fulfilled. The exhaust blowers all together share in the same chimney and on the top the acoustic properties should meet the requirements of “TA Lärm”.

Our Services
After eight weeks work and erecting of:

  • 12 pipe silencers
  • 700 sqm capsule surface
  • 11 doors R’w 52dB
  • Several sound absorbing silencers
  • Shock absorbers for the blowers

Contrast Akustik Ltd. fulfills all successfully.

  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control

Airplane Urinals are ready to take off

Contrast Akustik GmbH take care of the necessary noise control.

The Contrast Akustik Ltd. supplies in cooperation with Dasell a pipe silencer for a novel urinal. This combination will deliver first-time and as a start to the four-engined airplane A380. With this the Super-Jumbo opens up its male passengers the possibility of a normal urinal.

  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
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