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Reverberant walls and ceilings, as well as reflecting internals can influence the reverberation of a room very negatively. This applies all the more the smaller the volume of the room and its absorption capacity are. Sound-absorbing internals such as wall bays, closed or open ceiling systems reduce the reverberation and thus the noise level. These measures suggest themselves, if it is not possible, for manufacturing reasons, to encapsulate large items of industrial equipment. The effect is even at the place of work near a machine possible because the sound portions of other noise sources are added to the direct sound. But also in studios, laboratories and testing rooms these internals are necessary, as reflections often have an excessive disturbing effect on the actual recording and measuring level.

RaumakustikWe calculate for you the effectiveness of acoustic measures and can thus work out the technically and economically optimum solution for you. For the determination of these measures we use a special software which makes it possible for us to test the effectiveness of various materials and combinations before implementation. The graphic presentation clearly illustrates the sound level reductions in the room and the influence of various materials.

Make use of our experience, so that a technically optimum and economically appropriate measure is worked out for you. The data determined, such as reverberation time, level drop per doubling of distance in the room, can also be used for the acceptance inspection or approvals by the authorities.

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  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
  • Acoustics | Noise control
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